Patties / Meatloaves

Beef $5

Cheesy Beef $5

Curry Chicken $5

Vegetable $5

Oxtail $7.50*

Curry Goat $7.50*

Ackee n Saltfish $7.50

*Limited Availability

Patties by the Dozen

Fresh Baked

Frozen Baked

Frozen Unbaked


Limited Meals Available

Wednesday: Jerk Chicken
Thursday: Brown Stew Chicken
Friday: Fry Chicken
Saturday: Calypso Chicken

Served with Rice n Peas and Coleslaw



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Small-Mid Events
– Luncheons
– Funerals
– Weddings
– Any Gathering

Catering Menu:

Entre Selections:

Standard Items:

Jerk Chicken / BBQ Jerk: Chicken marinated in our signature (in-house) Jerk Seasonings and oven cooked to perfection.

Curry Chicken: Cuts of chicken, cooked to an aromatic simmer in a spicy blend of curried herbs and spices.
Stew Chicken: Chicken seasoned then sautéed and simmered with potatoes and carrots.
Stew Beef: Chunks of marinated Beef, slow simmered with vegetables in a light brown stew.

Premium Items:
Calypso Chicken: Seasoned fry chicken oven-glazed with our special calypso sauce (in-house made).
Curry Goat: Tender pieces of perfectly seasoned goat, cooked to a simmer in a spicy blend of curry, herbs and spices.
Oxtail: Cuts of marinated oxtail simmered in our unique blend of Caribbean herbs, spices and vegetables.

Premium Plus Items:
Fish: Snapper or King fish Escoveitched, stewed or steamed.

Entrees served with your choice of any one of the following: –

Rice ‘n Peas – Baked Mac ‘n Cheese – Mashed Potatoes – Roast Potatoes AND

Any one of: – Coleslaw – Toss Salad – Caesar Salad – Pasta Salad – Sautéed vegetables

Cold Food Presentation
– Cold cuts (Assorted rolls of Deli meats – Roast Beef, Turkey, Chicken)
– Sandwiches (tuna, corned Beef, Roast Beef, Turkey, Roast chicken /Salad)
– Fruit displays (Seasonal selection including melons, pineapples, strawberries, oranges & apples)

– Veggie Trays (carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli)

– Cheese boards (assorted cheeses)

– Sandwich bar (ingredients provided so you customize your own)

– Dessert trays ( An assortment of cakes, squares)

– Cookie Trays (oatmeal raisin, crunchy coconut & white chocolate macadamia, classic Chocolate chip)

– Baked Mac ‘n Cheese
– Doubles
– Polourie
– Saltfish Fritters/Drops
– Stuffed Bakes (shredded chicken or beef)
– Garlic Pita Bites
– Cocktail Patties (Beef, Chicken and Veg)
– Wings (assorted flavours)
– Chicken/Beef Skewers
– Chicken/Beef Balls
– Fried Plantains
– Tostones (Green Plantains)
– Pasta Salad Cups
– Fiesta Corn on the Cob
– Cold Cuts
– Sandwiches (Assorted)
– Cheese Boards
– Quiche Board
– Chicken n Waffle Bites
– Fajita Bites
– Tacos
– Dessert Trays
– Cookie Trays
– Fruit Displays/Skewers

Catering menu includes but is not limited to items listed above. Give us a call and we will customize a menu for your next event to be presented in the theme of your choosing. Serving small to medium sized groups.